About Us

Mayron was established In 1981 as a Service orientated Company for the Generation Industry.

We represent several of the World's leading Companies in the fields:-

  • Flue Gas Conditioning
  • Combustion Optimisation
  • Dampers
  • Expansion Joints, Metallic and Fabric
  • Diverters

Since 1990 we have been supplying Isolating equipment to the Power utilities and other heavy industries.

Many of our Dampers and Diverters can be found all over Israel such as the Gas Turbines and Coal and Oil fired power Plants of the Israel Electric Corp, the Paper mills, Cement Plants, Oil refinaries etc......

Our Expansion Joints both metallic and non metallic are found in nearly all the Power and Chemical Plants in Israel.

From 1995 we began supplying Flue Gas Conditioning Units to enable the Power Utilities to reduce their emissions to levels previously unheard of.

We are able to help energy producers optimize their Boilers by treating the Heavy Fuel Oil before it reaches the Furnace thus causing reductions in particle emissions, reduction in NOx and reduction in corrosion.

We also supply Emission Monitoring equipment so that we are able to offer a complete package from the treatment of the emissions to the monitoring of them.