For Coal Fired Boilers

SO3 - Flue Gas Conditioning Systems

Pentomag 2550

For Oil Fired Boilers


Water-in-oil emulsion optimizes atomization of fuel oil


Neutralization of Sulpuric acid and Vanadium products

For Gas Fired Turbines

PentoMag 4550

Gas turbine protection from corrosion

For Waste Incinerators

PentoMag 2000

Improves efficiency and keeps the engine clean

For All Boilers

SO3 Analyser

Online measurement of SO3 emissions

For Diesel Engines

PentoMag 4400

Improves efficiency and keeps the engine clean


Pentol is a well-known name in the world of power stations.
It stands for innovative and affordable solutions to reduce emission and increase efficiency.

Sales, engineering, production and service are concentrated in our plant in the south of Germany.
Pentol employs about 35 people and operates sales and service points in Poland, France, Switzerland, Korea, Mexico and the UK.

In addition to our products, services like SO3 and fly ash resistivity measurements as well as ESP inspections are much asked for.

Today they are the market leaders for flue gas conditioning systems in Europe and a well established producer of a wide range of fuel oil and coal additives.