Senior Flexonics Pathway custom designs expansion joints and dampers to your specifications. Our expert design team is highly qualified and experienced in all industrial expansion joint and damper applications.

Metal Expansion Joints
for Petrochemical Process, Industrial and HVAC applications. Senior Flexonics Pathway produces round and rectangular metal expansion joints in all types of hardware configurations from 2 inch pipe size to maximum ship-able dimensions.... (learn more)

Fabric Expansion Joints
for flue gas and other low pressure ducting applications. Expansion joint product design conditions include low temperature corrosive environments to high temperature applications involving gas turbine exhaust and refractory lined ducting for petrochemical and industrial processes.... (learn more)

Metroflex Damper
for control and isolation of flue gas in a wide variety of applications. The Senior Flexonic Pathway family of damper products include guillotines with a variety of drive modes including the patented Blade Drive Concept, single and double louvers, butterfly dampers, diverter valves for gas turbines and other industrial applications, and poppet valves for bag house internals... (learn more)

On Site Services
for inspection, installation or on site repair. The Pathway team travels the globe providing unique engineering analysis and technical craftsmanship with unmatched knowledge and experience with metal expansion joints, metal bellows, and other field equipment.... (learn more)

Senior Flexonics Pathway is recognized as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality metal and fabric expansion joints and damper products.

Our skilled staff specializes in pipe motion technology with extensive background in the production of expansion joints, compensators, exhaust manifolds and custom ducting which enables us to engineer efficient systems to meet customers' specialized needs.

Developing partnerships with our customers is a key element in our success. In addition to providing high-quality reliable components, we innovate unique design solutions to meet the challenges inherent in industrial processes, offering our customers peace of mind.

Senior Flexonics Pathway is a division of Senior Operations LLC